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Storage Sheds, Garages and Barns

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truck and cosntruction storage  Great storage solutions for any yard  Farm and ranch storage options

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Please note that the 12x8x20 and 12x8x24 are also available with a lighter 15 mil top for $899 and $999 respectively.

Long lasting, Sturdy, Reliable Storage for:
An Affordable Garage
Yard and Garden Equipment
Lawn Mower Storage
Lawn Tractor Storage
Cars Storage
Motorcycle Storage
Boat Storage
Hay & Straw

This proven "curved top" design stands up to New England Weather!  It allows the snow to slide down and off the top, reducing the stress on the fabric and other components.

One of our employees has had one for over ten years at his home.  He previously had purchased two of the "peaked" style sheds and neither of the them lasted more than two winters.  This "curved top" shed has reliably stood up to numerous winter storms and blizzards.

We have two in use in our storage yard at our Hudson store.  You can feel free to come look at our installation and see how strong and durable it is.

Economical and Convenient � why pay for storage year after year?
The shed tops are made with a heavy 21 mil thick material and are designed to last for year. 
Replacing the top is easy and affordable.

Garage kits include: Durable poly or vinyl cover, solid end panel, double zipper door, galvanized steel frame, anchor kit and hardware. 

Colors Available: Green/White, White/White

Storage solutions for all your home, yard, farm and ranch needs  affordable riding arenas  Afforable Warehouse storage for all your needs

Ask about the larger sizes that are available for large equipment storage, riding arenas,
industrial storage and even sand and salt storage!

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Please note that the 12x8x20 and 12x8x24 are also available with a lighter 15 mil top for $899 and $999 respectively.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the unit last?
The frame is galvanized steel and has an extensive life. The top is made of heavy 21 mil thick material designed to last for years.  Replacement of the top is easy and economical.

How long does it take to install?
Setup time varies with size and ground conditions, however average setup for a 12 x 8 x 20 unit is 2 to 4 hours for two people.   Set-up is not included in the purchase price. The unit comes with complete assembly instructions.

How do you anchor the unit?
Unit comes with 30" cable anchor. The anchor is turned into the ground and rope is used to secure unit at lacing bar.

How does the unit withstand snow?
The unit is designed to shed the snow. Though if some snow should accumulate, please use soft bristle brush to remove.

Will it require a building permit?
These portable garages are just that, portable.  They are temporary structures and most localities do not require permits. We recommend that you check with local authorities.

 What size for a standard car?
A 12 x 8 x 20 is a standard size to fit one car.

What size for a boat?
A cover for a boat should be 4' longer from tongue of trailer to prop of boat, to allow 2' at each end when stored.

Price List

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