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We provide Expert Lawn Mower Blade Sharpening and Balancing

     Robinsons Hardware sharpens and balances lawn mower blades         

How often and why should I sharpen my lawnmower blade?

Your sharp lawnmower blades start to dull with the first cutting and the more you mow (either a larger area or more frequently), the more often you should sharpen your blades.  You certainly want to sharpen your mower blades if you hit a stump, root, rock or other solid object, we will inspect the blade for damage which can make them dangerous to use. 

At a minimum you should have the mower blades sharpened at the beginning of the season (April) and again in the middle of the season (August).  This is to match up with the two growing cylces of your lawn.  Your lawn grows well in the spring and fall but is typically slower growing or dormant during the hot weather of July or August. 

The impact of cutting with a dull lawnmower blade is frayed edges that brown and an uneven cut
Using a dull lawnmower blade causes the tips of your grass blades to be
shredded and turn brown, leaving your lawn less healthy and more vulnerable. 
A dull mower blade also will result in an uneven cutting of your lawn.

You want to make sure you are cutting the blades of grass cleanly with a sharp lawnmower blade as opposed to hacking at them with a dull mower blade.  Using a dull blade will rip or shred the blade, leave the tips burnt or brown, cause uneven cutting and make your lawn more vulnerable to disease, bugs and mold.  Using a sharp lawn mower blade will also leave your lawn looking much better than a dull mower blade.

One great idea about sharpening your lawnmower blades is to have two sets of blades for your mower.  You take the dull set off and install the sharp and balanced blades.  This way your lawnmower is ready to go all the time and you don't have to get dirty twice.

Why Does Balancing the Blade Matter?

Your lawn mower blade is spinning between 3500 and 4000 rpm.  That's roughly 60 revolutions per second.  Being out of balance will cause strain on the lawnmower blades shaft and can cause the shaft to break, which could be deadly to the user or those nearby.  Even if the shaft doesn't break, you may be causing substantial damage to your engine which can result in your needing to buy a new mower and are cutting your lawn in an uneven manner.  When we sharpen your lawnmower blade we ensure it is properly balanced.

The cost to sharpen a mower blade is $9.95
If you drop it off by 3pm, it will typically be ready after 3pm the next day. 

Robinsons is the area's best power equipment service shop, with the area's only

Certified Master Technician
and Stihl MasterWrench Gold Level Technician in the area.

We tuneup, service and repair machines ranging from a chainsaws and weed wackers
to lawnmowers and snowblowers.  We have 4 full time mechanics who have made
caring for your equipment their life long career.  Working on your machine is their livelihood,
not a part time job or something to do for the summer.  In fact, we have over 140 years of
combined experience working on all major brands of equipment such as
Snapper, Honda, Sears, Craftsman, Murray, Husqvarna and MTD.

We sharpen and balance blades for all major brands of lawnmowers including: 
Robinsons Hardware is an authorized Honda Warranty repair center
Honda riding lawns tractors
Robinsons Hardware services and repairs husqvarna riding lawn tractors
Husqvarna riding lawn tractors

Robinsons Hardware is an authorized Snapper riding lawn tractor repair and service center
Snapper riding lawn tractors
Robinsons Hardware services and repairs lawnboy riding lawn tractors
Lawn Boy riding lawn tractors
Robinsons Hardware is an authorized MTD riding lawn tractor repair center
MTD riding lawn tractors
Robinsons Hardware is an authorized Briggs & Stratton repair center
Briggs & Stratton
Robinsons Hardware is an authorized Murray riding lawn tractors repair center
Murray riding lawn tractors
Robinsons Hardware is an authorized Tecumseh repair center
Robinsons Hardware repairs and services Sears riding lawn tractor and Craftsman riding lawn tractors
Sears riding lawn tractors
Craftsman riding lawn tractors
Robinsons Hardwareservices and maintains American Yard Products and AYP riding lawn tractors 
American Yard Products
AYP riding lawn tractors

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Ask about the Yankee Clipper Stripper

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