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Robinsons Helps you Pack  your Shipment     We ship UPS   Robinsons makes shipping easy!

UPS Shipping at Robinsons

Robinsons is here to help you with all your package shipping.  We have an experienced staff that will make sure your packages are properly packed and we use a computerized shipping process that makes it quick and easy to ship.  Our store is ready to help you ship via UPS.

We offer Next Day, 2-Day, 3-Day and Ground shipping options.

We also accept UPS Returns, Pre-paid UPS labels,
ARS and RS Returns and Internet paid UPS packages!
- Amazon Returns
- LL Bean Returns
- QVC Returns
Ship your package and gift returns with us

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Why should I Ship with Robinsons?

What is UPS doing to handle the Holiday Peak?

Shipping and Packing Tips

Boxes and Packing Supplies

We Ship UPS Next Day, 2 Day, 3 Day or Ground!
Why Ship Your Packages with Robinsons?

Cheaper than the Post Office*

Fast Computerized System - No Forms to Fill Out

More Convenient Hours - Open Thurs and Fri until 7pm and Open Sundays!

Frequent Shipper Program - Ship 10 and the next one can be free!

Double Dip - Earn Frequent shipper and Reward points

First $100 of Insurance included - It costs more at the Post Office

Shorter Lines - Faster Service

Friendlier - (at least we think so)

Need it there Fast? - We can have it there at 7AM Tomorrow
* Based on a non-scientific survey of over 200 packages shipped by us between 12/05 and 06/06,
over 80% of our customers saved money compared to the post office, with an average savings of $8.49

Robinsons is an Authorized UPS shipper

UPS is ready for you this Holiday Season
On UPS's Peak Day, which will occur this year on Wednesday, Dec. 20, UPS will deliver 240 packages every second through its worldwide ground and air network. Just two days later on Dec. 22, UPS will handle its largest volume of air shipments for the year by delivering roughly 5.6 million packages. That amounts to more than double the normal average for air volume.

"These increases in daily package volume would overwhelm other networks, but UPS has the experience, technology and infrastructure to handle the surge with the highest levels of reliability," said Kurt Kuehn, senior vice president of worldwide sales and marketing. "We start planning for the holidays in January because we know we'll have millions of customers counting on us."

This year, UPS and various retail analysts are predicting strong growth in the online shopping world along with solid gains in the brick-and-mortar arena. UPS enters the holiday peak - defined as the period between Thanksgiving and Christmas - as the primary shipper for 20 of the top 25 e-retailers as ranked by
Internet Retailer Magazine.

In the process of delivering all those holiday packages, UPS will apply its tracking technology to make it easy for customers to monitor the movement of their gifts. UPS expects more than 130 million online tracking requests during Peak Week and the daily total could exceed 25 million on Peak Day.

To accommodate the intense holiday surge, UPS once again will become one of the holiday season's top employers of choice, adding roughly 60,000 seasonal workers. In addition, UPS's ground delivery fleet of 91,700 package cars, vans and tractors will increase by more than 7,000 vehicles and the UPS Airlines, the world's eighth largest, will add 31 large jets for the period.

We sell shipping boxes
UPS Shipping and Packing Tips

Do I need to put it in a corrugated box?
Not necessarily. If the box is taped securely, UPS will accept the package with an extra handling fee since it is not in a corrugation. Please use common sense to decide if the container will keep the contents safe. For example, a flimsy shirt box will likely be destroyed during shipment but a bucket of popcorn may be fine. Remember: the exterior container is NOT covered against damage.

I am shipping a gift in the box it came in, is it okay to just wrap the outside with paper to hide the gift?
Your package will go through a variety of machines and on a number of conveyor belts during the handling process.  As it moves along the system, its too easy for paper to be ripped off and your box not getting to the destination you had intended.  For this reason, UPS does not accept packages that are wrapped in paper.

What is the right way to package my items?
Boy that's a hard question to answer because it depends so much on what is in the box.  The first answer is that everything shipped should be double boxed (a box inside a box) and should have a minimum of 2" of packing material on all sides including the top an bottom.  Beyond that, the hollow opening of something like a cookie jar should be filled with packing material to help avoid it breaking.

One rule of thumb would be if you placed your package on top of a 6' ladder and pushed it off, would the contents be safe?  This is similar to it falling off a conveyor belt in the UPS system.  If you are not confident that it can withstand a "test" like this, than you do not have it packed well enough.

What do I do if I have a bottle of wine in my package?
Alcoholic beverages are not shippable via UPS.  We are not able to catch every bottle that comes through our store during the holidays. It's important you realize that, if there IS a bottle of wine in the box, UPS MAY confiscate it and that it is not insurable.

Can I ship cookies and cakes?
Yes! You will see a lot of home-made goodies during the holiday season. Remember: You cannot insure these items or other perishables. (and having a little plate for our counter person is always nice too!)

Will the driver leave the package on the doorstep if no one is home?
 This is up to the driver. To be on the safe side, make sure there is a telephone number on the package.  After three unsuccessful attempts to deliver the package, it will be returned to our store and you will be charged for the return shipment. If you feel the recipient may not be at home to accept the package, it might be wise to ship it to their place of work

We sell packing supplies
Boxes & Packing Supplies

We carry 5 different sizes of boxes in stock and often have a variety of other sizes available.

If you need special sizes, we can normally get them for you in bundle quantities within 24 hours or less during, except on weekends. 

Did you know .....
Our boxes and moving supplies are normally cheaper than to so-called �office superstores�?  It�s true!

Extra-small..... 1 cubic foot  ....... (12x12x12)
Small............ 1.5 cubic feet ...... (18x12x12)
Medium......... 3.1 cubic feet ...... (18x18x18)
Large............ 4.5 cubic feet ...... (24x18x18)
Extra-large..... 6.5 cubic feet ...... (24x24x24)

Packing Tape
Newsprint (for wrapping things), 10 pounds
Stretch film, 20� x 1000�
Bubble wrap, 12� x 12�
Bubble wrap, 12� x 175�
Packing peanuts

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