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This page will help you understand a Massachusetts Hoisting Engineer License

Regardless of where you live, If you are using regulated equipment in Massachusetts, you need either a Hoisting Engineer License or a Temporary Hoisting Permit. Some common equipment that this regulations governs includes: Skid Steers (aka Bobcats)      Tracked Loaders      Mini Excavators      Back-hoes      Compact Loaders If you have not read our page on the law, you can read it here. If you have a short term rental need, read about Option 1 Here Hoisting License FAQ’s can be found here
You need a Hoisting Engineer License in Massachusetts
Option 2: Hoisting Engineer License Getting a Hoisting Engineer License typically takes 90-120 days depending on when you get your application into the state. You will need to have a Drivers License, a DOT Medical card, Fill out a Hoisting Engineer License Application  and submit it to the State. They will notify you of your Hoisting Engineer License testing date and location.  You will receive your results 2-3 weeks after your test. The two most common Hoisting Engineers Licenses are: 2A – Excavators, Front End Loaders/Backhoes, Skid Steers 1C – Forklifts and Telescoping Booms without cables You can only take one test at a time so we suggest you determine what Hoisting Engineer License you need most urgently and apply for it.  You would submit the second application the following month. To help you prepare for the test(s), we suggest an on-line course which can be taken at your leisure. Continuing Education Requirement (Does not apply to Temporary Permits) Beginning September 1, 2014, you will need 4 hours of Continuing Education per Hoisting Engineer License classification (i.e. 1C/2A license would require 8 hours) to renew your Hoisting Engineers License. You can take an on-line course to accomplish this at your leisure (which is really handy if your license is about to expire, you can complete the course tonight!)