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Carburetor cleaning and rebuilding in Hudson and Framingham
Carburetor cleaning and rebuilding in Sudbury and Marlboro
Carburetor cleaning and rebuilding in Maynard and Bolton

We’re experts at Carburetor Cleaning and Rebuilding

If you are a Do-it-yourself type of person, like to maintain your small engine powered equipment yourself but find cleaning and rebuilding your carburetor  to be a bit more than you want to handle, we can help! Bring us your worn or fouled carb and we will do what we can to make it as good as new. We’ll start by giving it a spa treatment, allowing it to sit in our heated ultrasonic cleaner for about an hour.  This loosens and removes a lot of the material that is clogging or fouling the ports, jets and channels.  Then we will rebuild the carburetor, replacing worn material such as gaskets, diaphragms, needles, seats and jets.

Carburetor cleaning and rebuilding cost will vary depending what parts are needed and the complexity of the carb.

While we have a great success rate, we cannot guarantee every carb will work 100% following cleaning and rebuilding because sometimes the damage done is irreversible. We do not work on McCulloch, Echo, Homelite, Ryobi, Sears/Craftsman 2-cycle, Weedeater 2-cycle carburetors.  2-cycle refers to engines which require a mixture of fuel and oil to run, such as chainsaws, blowers and trimmers. To help avoid a fouled carburetor, we encourage you to read our handout “The effects of Ethanol on Your Yard and Garden Equipment”.  It will provide you with 10 steps to help you have equipment that runs better, more reliably with less hassle and less frustration.