Door Lock rekeying in Hudson and Framingham
lock rekey service in Hudson and Framingham
Expert House Lock Rekeying in Hudson and Framingham

House Lock Rekey Service

How to remove a lock to rekey
To remove a lock to so you can rekey the cylinder, unlock the lock and insert a thin piece of stiff wire into the hole on the site of the knob.  The knob should slide off off. you might need to turn back and forth slightly to help it come off.
Rekey locks in Hudson and Framingham
Do too many people have keys to your house?  We can rekey your house locks where you bring us your existing lock set (the handle portion with the lock inside and a working key.  We will rekey the lock cylinder and provide new keys to lock and unlock the lock. If you have different keys for different locks in your house, we can make it so one key can lock and unlock all the locks.  Please call before bringing your lock set in so we can make sure we have someone onsite that cancare for your lock.  Turnaround time is typically less than an hour