pet damaged screen repair with pet screen
We repair cat damaged window screens and door screens

We are the Experts in Framingham and Hudson at repairing Pet Damaged Door and Window Screens!

Pets such as dogs and cats bring a lot of joy into our lives.  Unfortunately they also bring some challenges, like the door or window screen they damage when they climb, scratch or claw at them.  Are you tired of replacing your door and window screens due to pet damage?  The next time you need to repair or re-screen your pet damaged door or window screen, we have the perfect solution, Pet Screen.

Pet Screen is a  made from a vinyl coated polyester and is stronger and more durable than traditional screening materials such as fiberglass or aluminum.  In fact, Pet Screen is 7 times stronger than traditional fiberglass screen!  It resists tears and punctures caused by dogs, cats, squirrels, raccoons and other animals.  (it  holds up to wear and tear caused by young children really well too!)

Pet screen is the perfect solution to screens damaged by dogs and cats
Pet Screen is a great solution to re-screen patio door screens, sliding door screens, porch screening and even window screening.  It will hold up to your pet and last longer that traditional screen.
We can fix, repair or replace all your window screen problems!
screens damages by pets and animals can be repaired with pet screen

How Much is it going to Cost to Fix My Dog or Cat Damaged Screen?

When you bring your window screen in we can give you an estimate.  You can also call in with the window screen dimensions and we can give you an estimate over the phone.
Pet screen is the solution to sliding door screens damaged by dogs, cats and other animals

We Know How to Fix Your Screen Properly

Sliding door screens damaged by animals can be repaired with pet screen