Robinsons Hardware and Rental offers reel mower sharpening service in Hudson and Framingham

We are proud to offer reel mower sharpening services in our Framingham and Hudson stores.  We are able to sharpen and adjust your reel mower so it will cut cleanly, smoothly and easily for you.

The person that does our reel mower sharpening has the equipment, knowledge and experience needed to make sure your reel mower is properly sharpened and cared for.

Typical turnaround time is under a week.

The cost is $56 per reel mower

How to tell if your reel mower needs sharpening

The easy way: The grass is not cut cleanly, there are streaks and stragglers or the cutting unit is noisy

The harder way:  checking the cutting edges of the reel and bed knife to see if they are dull, nicked, bent or being run without “light contact” against one another.

Reel blades, and the edge of the bedknife, should be checked for damage visually and by carefully feeling the edges. Never slide your fingers down the edges lengthwise.

Rounded edges on the reel blades and bedknife will cause the grass blades to be pinched and torn, rather than sheared off cleanly. When “light contact” is not maintained, dull edges will soon result.  Sharpening is also be required if the reel is tapered (“cone shaped”) or has a rifling to it.