If you hae a foggy double pane window, we can repair it
We are experts at double pane window repair

We are the Experts at Double Pane Window Repair in Framingham and Hudson!

Whether it is foggy, cracked or broken, we can take care of your double pane window repair.

What Causes a Double Pane Window to Fog or Crack?

Double (or even triple) pane windows have been very common over the last 30 years. There is one sheet of glass on the outside of the window and another on the inside, with a pocket of air in between. The glass is sealed around a support between the layers of glass The air or gas in the gap helps create an insulation barrier.
We are experts at repairing double pane windows
When the seal between the panes fails, it allows air to flow between the two glass panes.  The air contains moisture (humidity) and as the window expands during the day and contracts during the evening, more and more humidity is drawn inside the air gap. This is where the fogging comes from, moisture trapped within the glass. Over time is will result in stress fractures (cracks) in the glass and potentially water damage to the window frame and sill.

How Do You Fix My Double Pane Window?

When you bring us the double pane window, we will remove the glass segment and measure it in three dimensions.  We then order the glass to be made specifically to replace your window.

So How Long Does it Take to Fix My Double Pane Window?

Because the glass has to be custom made for your window, the typical turnaround time is two to three  weeks, depending on how busy the manufacturer is.

How Much Does it Cost?

To repair a typical double pane window is normally around $100.

If your double pane window has inserts or grid work, like the image below, it will be a little more expensive.

We can also have inert gas options, such as Argon, Krypton or Xenon put in the window gap to enhance the energy efficiency of your window.  These gases are non-toxic, odorless and chemically inert, which means when your window breaks they gases won’t hurt you or cause any problems. 

We also have Low-E, or energy efficeint glass options

We can repair your broken double pane window

We know how to fix your broken double pane window properly!