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expert chainsaw chain sharpening
Chainsaw chain sharpening in Framingham and Hudson
Chainsaw chain sharpening in Framingham and Hudson

We are the chainsaw chain sharpening experts!

We sharpen around 1000 chains every year for all brands of chainsaws. When we sharpen your chain, we also inspect it for bent or burred drive links, broken cutters or tie-straps and loose rivets and broken rivet heads. 

It’s hard to tell how long a sharp chain will last. Sometimes they last only a fraction of a second because it hits non-wood material such as a nail embedded in the wood or by coming in touch with the ground. The density or hardness of the the wood (oak versus pine for example) being cut with the chainsaw is an important factor in how long the chain will stay sharp.

A chainsaw at full speed is turning roughly 10,000 rpm which means the chain is making 166 turns PER SECOND.  Please remember a chain that catches dirt or debris (sometimes even within the tree) can go dull in less time than it takes you to blink an eye. 

A chainsaw that is dull will create sawdust or small wood shards, while a sharp chainsaw will cut large size chips. Another way to tell it’s time to sharpen your chain is when you have to push on the chainsaw or the chain saw is not self-feeding or drawing itself into the wood.

We typically provide next weekday service on chainsaw chain sharpening. If you drop it off by 3pm, it will typically be ready after 3pm the next weekday.

The cost is $11.95 per chain for chain sharpening off the chainsaw


The cost is $21.95 per chain for sharpening on the saw which also includes dressing the bar.