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Flat tire repair for your mower, blower, go-kart and other small wheel equipment

If you’re in the Framingham or Hudson area and need a flat tire repair for you lawn mower, riding mower, lawn tractor, snowblower or even a hand truck, we can do┬áit!

We will reseal the bead and re-inflate the tire for you, or install a tube, as needed. No need to bring your machine for this healing service that is sure to leave your machine feeling robust and inflated again. Just bring us the tire and rim and we will being working our magic.

Now, you may expect to pay millions for such inflationary service, but that’s not the case!

We charge a mere $13.95 for your flat tire repair, plus the cost of parts or tubes.

If you drop it off by 3pm, it will typically be ready the next weekday after 3pm.