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Hoisting License FAQ’s

Massachusetts hoisting license questions
Massachusetts hoisting license FAQ's
Massachusetts hoisting license frequently asked questions
Massachusetts hoisting license frequently asked questions
Massachusetts hoisting license FAQ's
Massachusetts hoisting license questions

If you need a temporary permit:
click here to take the online course
when it asks 
for the Rental Facility ID Number enter 0177317

Why is all of this necessary?
Massachusetts is one of only two states to have a law like this and we need to comply with it.

I am a homeowner, working on my own property so this regulation doesn’t apply to me, right
Wrong.  This regulation applies to all users of equipment that meets the requirements, regardless of whether it is on private or public properly.  The only exception is for agricultural use.

I am using it for landscaping, so that means it’s agricultural and exempt, right?
Wrong.  The Massachusetts Department of Public Safety defines agricultural use as a bona-fide farm (not a garden and not landscaping) using it for the purpose of growing agriculture.  If that same farm were using the same machine to make a road through their field they would need a Temporary Hoisting Permit or Hoisting Engineers License.

What requirements must be met to be issued a Temporary Permit?
A Temporary Hoisting Permit may only be issued after the individual has successfully completed a Department approved training program.

Any person receiving a Temporary Hoisting Permit may not be issued more than 1 such permit in any 45 day period from any source.

All persons applying for a Temporary Hoisting Permit must be 18 years of age, hold a valid driver’s license, and submit all  appropriate documentation prior to taking a Temporary Hoisting Permit exam.

A Temporary Hoisting Permit will be issued to only those applicants who satisfactorily complete and pass an examination.

Why is it Robinsons responsibility to check for a valid Hoisting Engineers License or a Temporary Permit?
Good Question! 

According to the Massachusetts Department of Public Safety it is the obligation of the Short Term Rental entity (Robinsons) to ensure that every individual renting its Compact Hoisting Equipment either (1) holds a valid Massachusetts Hoisting License or (2) has complied with the requirements of 520 CMR 6.00 et seq. to obtain a Temporary Hoisting Permit.  There are no exceptions to this and we are obligated to honor it.

I have been involved in a Hoisting Machinery accident. Should I notify the Massachusetts Department of Public Safety?

Yes. Any incident which results in Serious Injury, Property Damage, or any condition that
is necessary for the preservation of the public health or safety at a site where Hoisting
Machinery is operational must be reported by the Licensee operating the Hoisting Machinery
or owner or owners representative to the Department. The Department must be notified via
 the Department Incident Hotline at (508) 820-1444 within one (1) hour from the time that the
Incident occurred or was discovered.

If the incident involves a machine rented from Robinsons Hardware and Rental, please also notify us at (978) 562-7316