What You Need to Know about Renting a Bed Bug Killer

Our Bed Bug Killer is an easy to use, proven way to kill bedbugs without harmful or dangerous chemicals

Our bed bug killer works by slowly raising the temperature in a room.  When the room has been at 113 degrees for an hour all bed bug phases (eggs, nymphs and adults) will be killed.  We recommend at least an hour at 115 degrees to be sure the nooks and crannies of a room have gotten past the “kill zone”.

Because it works on temperature to kill, our Bed Bug Killer is much more effect than chemicals.  Additionally since the Bed Bug Killer works on a physiological response, Bed Bugs are not able to build up a tolerance to it as they are with chemicals.

When you are heating an area you are not just heating the air, you are heating all surfaces and materials in the room.  Your walls are getting hot, your furniture is getting hot, your clothes are getting hot…  It takes time to heat all this area.  It is the slow and consistent heating of these areas that make the machine so effective in killing the bed bugs and their larva.  You need to be patient and let the machine do it’s job.

Our Bed Bug Killer requires four 20 amp 120 volt circuits.  This is standard household current but is four circuits NOT just four outlets.

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Because of many variables, we cannot give you an accurate prediction of how long it will take to get your room up to temperature.  We estimate it takes 18 to 24 hours to get a standard 12×12 room up to temperature but could be as short as 10 hours or as long as 30 (or never if the room is super drafty).  This  time can be shortened or lengthened by many factors beyond the bed bug killers control including:

Exterior temperatures
How well insulated the room is
Have you covered the windows and other openings with shrink film (which we strongly suggest)
The items in the room which will absorb heat (bedding…)
how much furniture or other things are in the room
how much you open and close the door to check on the progress (the answer is DON’T open the door)
If the exterior walls have Tyvek or other “wrapping” material to prevent drafts

When you rent the unit it will include the heater, a wireless thermometer, three extension cords and one room blower to help distribute the heat better.

Getting the temperature change at lower temperatures will be much faster than when at higher temperatures.  As a made-up and totally fictitious example, going from 68 degrees to 78 degrees may take an hour but going from 110 degrees to 112 degrees may take three hours.  (this is a totally made up example to illustrate the point we are trying to make, to not rely on these times)

To reserve the Bed Bug Killer Click here or give us a call and we will help you kill the bug that’s bugging you!

Recommendations for Use / Best Practices

Cover all exterior windows, doorways or other openings with shrink fit plastic

Separate your box spring and mattress and stand them on edge with room for air to flow around them

Spread out any clothing in the closet so air moves around them

Separate and spread out any clothing from the drawers.  Rather than lay them out on the floor, it is more effective is to bring a table in to spread them out.  This allows the heat to better penetrate the floor and kill anything in the cracks.  You can also put the clothes in a dryer that will get over 115 degrees.

Put the blower in the center of the room.  It is designed specifically designed to take the warmer air along the ceiling and draw it down along the floor.  This will help circulate the heat more evenly thoughout the room.

When you plug the heater in, plug one cord at a time and wait 10 seconds before plugging in the next cord.  

When you power the heater up, turn on one switch at a time and wait 20 seconds before turning on the next one.  The switches will illuminate orange/red when they are on and working properly.

Once the heater is running, turn the separate blower on.

Leave the room, close the door, put towels along the bottom of the door and then cover the door area with shrink tight plastic, cardboard or something else to help insulate it and keep the heat in.  Hollow doors radiate a ton of heat!

Wait for the thermometer to hit 155 degrees.  Once the temperature is at 115, leave everything running for one hour or more

To reserve the Bed Bug Killer Click here or give us a call and we will help you kill the bug that’s bugging you!

Robinsons Hardware in Hudson, MA and Framingham, MA is proud to offer the Bed Bug Killer for sale and rental.  We can ship the unit anywhere in the Continental United States and it is produced by EPA Est. no. 0876342-AZ-001