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Metrowest Lawn & Power Equipment in Marlboro has closed.  They are no longer repairing lawnmowers.

Robinsons Hardware & Rental in Hudson and Framingham is happy to help former Metrowest Lawn and Power Equipment customers with servicing and maintaining their walk behind and self propelled lawn mowers.

Robinsons is the Marlboro and Southboro area’s best walk behind lawn mower tune-up, service and repair shop.  We have the area’s only Certified Master Technician, two Stihl MasterWrench Gold Level Technicians and a Stihl MasterWrench Silver Level Technician.  

Our full time mechanics have made caring for your equipment their life long career. Working on your machine is their livelihood, not a part time job or something to do for the summer. In fact, we have over 140 years of combined experience working on walk behind and push lawn mowers including all major brands such as Honda, Snapper, Sears, Toro, Craftsman, Murray, Husqvarna and MTD.

A typical walk behind or push lawn mower tune-up includes:

Change the oil.
Tune up the engine.
Change the spark plug(s)
Clean or replace the air filter
Check or replace the fuel filter
Clean the block and cooling fins
Ultrasonically clean the carburetor
Rebuild the carburetor if needed
Check the cables for proper operation
Test or service the recoil/rewind starter
Scrape and clean under the mowing deck
Run, test and adjust as needed

The cost of a lawn mower tune-up is $89.95 plus the parts and blade sharpening and balancing

The average walk behind or push lawn mower tune-up is around $125 to $150.

We look at your machine as if it were our own.  If we can find ways to help save you money, we will suggest them to you.  If we do not feel it is worth repairing, we will tell you so.

To provide faster turnaround time, we ask you to approve service and repair charges up to $225, excluding delivery and pickup.  If the repair or service will exceed $225, we will provide an estimate.  This allows us to offer faster, more efficient service and allows the technicians to take care of minor issues they might find as they work on your lawnmower.

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